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Research Results

Strategy of Dissemination of Research Results
CHINTEX will co-operate with Eurostat as one of the main users of the research results from the beginning of the project to ensure the knowledge which is necessary for the European decision process is precisely reflected in the details of the work-plan. Furthermore there will be a workshop in the middle of the project to present results which will be of relevance to Eurostat's work and to formulate suggestions which should be considered in the work of the responsible European institutions conceiving the system of social statistics. Before the end of the project there will be a final workshop presenting all results and give another opportunity to draw conclusions and formulate recommendations.

All project results will become available to the scientific community by publications in academic journals. The co-ordinating institution will publish the research output in "Methods, Approaches and Developments". This publication of the Federal Statistical Office of Germany is delivered to universities, research institutes and national statistical institutes world-wide and is also published on the web-site of the Federal Statistical Office (click here for the latest publication).
Beside these articles there will be reports from all work-packages which will be disseminated via Internet. Anyone interested in these reports may sign-up in our electronic mail list server.

The final report will be published by the Federal Statistical Office of Germany in its series "Spektrum Bundesstatistik".

Opening Workshop (27 June 2000)
Intermediate Workshop (29 November 2001)
Final Conference (26 and 27 May 2003)

Papers / Publications:

Working papers of the CHINTEX projekt are preliminary materials circulated to stimulate discussion and critical comment.

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