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Data on energy price trends - Long-time series

August 2017

Titelbild: Preise  Energiepreisentwicklung

The monthly publication combines data on energy price trends from various price statistics of the Federal Statistical Office and of the Statistical Office of the European Communities (Eurostat). In a first part, texts give brief explanations especially on the volume and use as well as on pricing mechanisms for several energy types (hard coal, lignite, mineral oil, natural gas, petrol, diesel fuel, light heating oil, heavy heating oil, liquefied gas, electricity and remote heat). In a second part, tables show primarily price indices for various stages in the economic process (import, producer, consumer and export prices). For selected energy types (natural gas, light heating oil, heavy heating oil and electricity) this publication contains not only price indices, but also average prices for various customer groups in a European comparison, which are produced by Eurostat every six months. The annex lists important sources – by energy types – providing information that complements official price indices.

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