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Special Data Dissemination Standard

Date of latest update: 17 April 2014

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The data shown in this page correspond to the data described on the International Monetary Fund's Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board (DSBB). For a fuller explanation of the DSBB and the statistical standards to which Germany has committed, please click on DSBB Home Page.

Real Sector - Fiscal Sector - Financial Sector - External Sector - Population

Unless otherwise indicated, data are not seasonally adjusted.

Economic and financial data for Germany
SDDS Data Category and ComponentUnit DescriptionObservations % Change from previous period to latest period% Change from same period last year to latest periodMore information,
time series
Period of latest dataLatest dataData for previous period

1a Data for previous period seasonally and working day adjusted (Census-X12-ARIMA).

1b Working day adjusted data (Census-X12-ARIMA).

2 Persons with place of work in Germany.

3a ILO labour force statistics, Federal Statistical Office, Germany. Seasonally adjusted data (Census-X12-ARIMA). The ILO unemployment data were based on a telephone survey that was carried out up to the reference month of April 2007. The labour force survey was planned as subsitute of the telephone survey starting with the reference month May 2007. But because of quality reasons conercerning the labour force survey the unemployment data will estimated on the basis of the telephone survey for a short tranisition period.

3b Registered unemployed persons, Federal Labour Office, Germany.

4 Monthly indices of agreed hourly and weekly wages of wage earners and quarterly indices of agreed hourly and weekly wages and agreed monthly salaries by main groups of branches.

5 From 2005 including cumulative assumption of FDE/LAG debt (German Unity Fund/Equalisation of Burdens Fund)

6 There is no statutory provision for the individual credits taken on to be allocated on the one hand to follow-up financing and on the other hand to net borrowing during the course of the year, nor would it be feasible to do so.

7 Data are not seasonally adjusted. Whilst latest data are deemed provisional, data for previous periods are final (if no substantial revisions were to occur).

8 Incl. credit to non-financial public enterprises.

9 Refers to assets vis-à-vis non-euro-area residents.

10 Refers to liabilities to non-euro-area residents.

11 Refers to banknotes in circulation and the following deposits of euro-area MFIs held with the Deutsche Bundesbank, denominated in euro: "current accounts (covering the minimum reserve system)", "deposit facility", "fixed-term deposits", "fine-tuning reverse operations" and "deposits related to margin calls".

12 The Bundesbank is not allowed to grant credit to the public sector; the amounts shown in this category refer to "grandfathered"equalisation claims originating from the German currency reform in 1948.

13 Credit to the private sector is restricted to financial sector counterparties; there is no credit to non-financial (public) enterprises.

14 Refers to claims on non-euro area residents.

15 The data can be accessed by clicking on 'Auction result - Treasury discount paper (Unverzinsliche Schatzanweisungen "Bubills") of the Federal Republic of Germany' provided under 'Current press releases on Federal securities'.

16 End-of-period figures

17 The Deutsche Bundesbank publishes the DAX index on a monthly basis only. More frequently updated data can be obtained from other sources. Furthermore, Deutsche Bundesbank does not publish percentage changes in the DAX index.

18 Whilst the latest data are deemed provisional, data for previous periods are final unless substantial revisions occur. Furthermore, the data referring to the latest four years are revised every year in March.

19 Quoting percentage changes in net flows is not meaningful.

20 Portfolio investment (assets) includes derivatives.

21 Reserves are defined as foreign currency denominated claims on non-euro area residents plus gold, holdings of SDRs and the reserve position in the Fund.

22 Quoting percentage changes in (net) balances is not meaningful.

23 A quarterly IIP is being published from September 2005 onwards.

24 Every year in September, based on more detailed data sources, an IIP for the preceding year-end is published as a press release on the Bundesbank homepage.

25 External Debt presents only a fraction of the overall financial relationships of Germany with other countries and is more than offset by Germany's external assets.

p Preliminary results.

r Revised figures.

. = numerical value unknown or not to be disclosed

- = no figures or magnitude zero, no further information

X = cell blocked for logical reasons

National Accounts: gross domestic product 1aEuro
at current
Q4/13697.88703.88+0.7+3.4Time series
National Accounts: gross domestic product 1a2005=100
chain indices
Production Index in production industries 1b p2010=100
Feb/14102.798.1+4.7+4.8Time series
Employment 1b 21,000Feb/1442,06942,021+0.1+0.7Time series
Unemployment (ILO concept) 3amillionFeb/142.302.40-4.2-8.0Time series
Unemployment (national concept) 3b 1,000Mar/143,054.73,137.9-2.7-1.4Time series
Wages/Earnings negotiated montly salaries 42010=100Q4/13107.9107.6+0.3+2.5Time series
Consumer price index2010=100Mar/14106.7106.4+0.3+1.0Time series
Index of producer prices of industrial products (domestic sale)2010=100Mar/14106.2106.5-0.3-0.9Time series
General Government Operations
RevenueEuro millions20121,194,0801,148,190X X Time series on general government revenue and expenditure
ExpenditureEuro millions20121,189,8801,173,500X X
Balance, Deficit/SurplusEuro millions20124,200-25,310X X
FinancingEuro millions2012-4,20025,310X X
Financing by instrument
Currency and depositsEuro millions2012-14,709-20,974X X
Securities other than sharesEuro millions2012103,00373,406X X
LoansEuro millions2012-68,271-25,991X X
Shares an other equityEuro millions2012-18,7452,890X X
OtherEuro millions2012-5,478-4,021X X
Central Government Operations
RevenueEuro billionsFeb/1435.618.2+95.6-0.3Federal Ministry of Finance
ExpenditureEuro billionsFeb/1459.738.5+55.1+0.4
Balance, Deficit/SurplusEuro billionsFeb/14-24.1-20.2+19.3+1.5
FinancingEuro billionsFeb/1424.120.2+19.3+1.5
Cash shortfallEuro billionsFeb/1429.538.9-24.2+22.5
Adjusted for revenue of coinEuro billionsFeb/140.20.2+10.5+39.2
Net borrowing/Current financial market balanceEuro billionsFeb/145.218.5-72.1X
Total outstanding debt 6 Euro billionsJan/141,143.71,155.8-1.1.
Short term 6Euro billionsJan/14194.9199.0-2.1.
Medium term 6Euro billionsJan/14361.6360.4+0.3.
Long term 6Euro billionsJan/14587.1596.3-1.5.
Central Government Debt
Federal market resources 5 Euro

Federal Ministry of Finance

Residual maturity
short term (up to 1 year)Euro
medium term (1 to 4 years)Euro
long term (over 4 years)Euro
Debt guaranteed by central governmentEuro
Q4/13456.5. . +5.5
Analytical Accounts of the Banking Sector 7
Monetary aggregatesEuro billionsGerman contribution to the consolidated balance sheet of the Euro area monetary financial institutions (MFIs)

Time series (M1)

Time series (M2)

Time series (M3)

Domestic credit to the public sector in the Euro areaEuro billionsFeb/14763.8766.6-0.4-0.4Time series
Domestic credit to the private sector in the Euro area 8 Euro billionsFeb/142,886.92,893.1-0.2-3.7Time series
External assets (gross) 9 Euro billionsFeb/141,114.81,111.0+0.3-2.5Time series
External liabilities (gross) 10 Euro billionsFeb/14634.6658.5-3.6-18.9Time series
Analytical Accounts of the Central Bank 7 (Monthly financial statement of the Deutsche Bundesbank)
Reserve money 11 Euro billionsMar/14325.6335.9-3.1-27.0Time series
Domestic claims on the public sector in the Euro area 12 Euro billionsMar/144.44.4±0.0±0.0Time series
Domestic claims on the private sector in the Euro area 13 Euro billionsMar/1430.224.0+25.4-2.3Time series
External assets (gross) 14 Euro billionsMar/1448.447.6+1.7-6.8Time series
External liabilities (gross) 10Euro billionsMar/1427.733.7-17.8-60.8Time series
Interest rates
Policy variable rates%, annual rateCurrent rates
- Main refinancing interest rate (Eurosystem)
- Deposit facility (Eurosystem)
- Marginal lending facility rate (Eurosystem)
Short-term treasury discount papers 15%, effective rate. . . . -
Long-term government bond yields %, annual rate. . . .


Financial Soundness Indicators (FSI)Deutsche Bundesbank - FSI Homepage
Stock market: DAX 16 17 1987=1,000Mar/149,555.919,692.08. .

Deutsche Börse AG, Frankfurt/Main

Statistical Supplements to the Monthly Report

Balance of Payments (Statistical Supplements to the Monthly Report)
Current account (net) 18 19 Euro millionsFeb/14+13,879+15,181. . Time series
Total exports of goods 18Euro millionsFeb/1498,78698,290+0.5+5.1Time series
Total imports of goods 18Euro millionsFeb/1485,40685,724-0.4+7.9Time series
Exports of services 18Euro millionsFeb/1417,73018,872-6.0+15.1Time series
Imports of services 18Euro millionsFeb/1416,06017,137-6.3+6.9Time series
Income (credit) 18 19Euro millionsFeb/1414,59515,423-5.4-10.2Time series
Income (debit) 18 19 Euro millionsFeb/148,3799,761-14.2-5.2Time series
Current transfers (credit) 18 19Euro millionsFeb/141,0041,270-20.9+21.8Time series
Current transfers (debit) 18 19 Euro millionsFeb/148,3916,052+38.7+7.2Time series
Capital account (net) 18 19Euro millionsFeb/14+446+1,009. . Time series
Capital account (credit) 18 19 Euro millionsFeb/144711,023-53.9+108.9Time series
Capital account (debit) 18 19 Euro millionsFeb/142514+77.9-87.7Time series
Financial account (net) 18 19Euro millionsFeb/14-26,435-1,720. . Time series
Direct investment (abroad) 18 19Euro millionsFeb/14-10,514-7,417. . Time series
Direct investment (in reporting economy) 18 19 Euro millionsFeb/14+4,270-1,951. . Time series
Portfolio investment (assets) 18 19 20Euro millionsFeb/14-5,988-11,088. . Time series
Portfolio investment (liabilities) 18 19 20 Euro millionsFeb/14+19,905+3,852. . Time series
Other investment (assets) 18 19Euro millionsFeb/14-1,927-41,973. . Time series
Other investment (liabilities) 18 19 Euro millionsFeb/14-33,079+56,482. . Time series
Change in international
 reserves (net) 19 21
Euro millionsFeb/14+898+375. . Time series
Errors and omissions 18 19Euro millionsFeb/14+12,110-14,469. . Time series
International Reserves and Foreign Currency Liquidity
Official reserve assets (total, Gross) 21Euro millionsMar/14150,615152,432-1.2-20.1Time series
Foreign currency reservesEuro millionsMar/1427,85027,165+2.5-5.9Time series
IMF reserves positionEuro millionsMar/147,7207,728-0.1-13.0Time series
SDRs Euro millionsMar/1412,86612,862+0.0-4.9Time series
GoldEuro millionsMar/14102,179104,678-2.4-25.1Time series
Other reserve assetsEuro millionsMar/14. . . . -
Reserves templateEuro millionsMar/14150,615152,432-1.2-20.1Template on International Reserves and Foreign Currency Liquidity
Merchandise trade
Total exports (f.o.b.)Euro
Feb/1492,40290,747+1.8+4.6Time series
Total imports (c.i.f.)Euro
Feb/1476,13875,703+0.6+6.5Time series
International Investment Position
Annual International Investment Position (net) 22 23 24 r Euro
20121,107,211879,059. .

Deutsche Bundesbank SDDS (Special Data Dissemination Standard)

Time series

Quarterly International Investment
Position (net) 22 23 24 r
Q4/131,323,5751,270,148. .

Deutsche Bundesbank SDDS (Special Data Dissemination Standard)

Time series

External Debt
External Debt 25 rEuro
Q4/133,948,6684,120,079. .

Deutsche Bundesbank SDDS (Special Data Dissemination Standard)

Time series

Exchange ratesEuro foreign exchange reference rates
POPULATION p1,000Q3/1380,71680,584+0.2+0.3Time series

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