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We are some 2,250 employees who gather, collect, process, present and analyse statistical information in Wiesbaden, Bonn and Berlin. Our head office consisting of seven departments and the office leadership is located in Wiesbaden; two more departments are situated in the Bonn branch office. The i-Punkt, our information and service point in the federal capital of Berlin, directly and effectively informs and advises members of the German Parliament, the Federal Government, embassies and federal authorities, business associations and interested people from the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan area on available data of official statistics. Modern means of information and communication make it possible for all colleagues to cooperate easily with each other at their different locations.

Annual Report 2014 out now

"Statistical thinking is not sufficiently developed – there is no doubt about it." This was stated by Professor Gerd Gigerenzer in an interview contained in the recently published Annual report 2014. Prof. Gigerenzer, Director at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, describes how patients, physicians and planning staff handle statistical information and how they manage its benefits and risks.

Furthermore, Marlene Mortler, Drug Commissioner of the Federal Government, indicates from her perspective where data are needed in particular for planning and prevention purposes. The Annual report 2014 outlines the Federal Statistical Office’s activities in relation to health issues, which are the focal topic of this report, and it gives an overview of the comprehensive range of data provided.

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The Federal Statistical Office 2016
Total staff (1.4.)2,255
of whom in
Share of employees67%
Share of public officials31%
Share of apprentices2%
Proportion of women in total staff58%
Proportion of women in executive positions37%

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