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ESSnet workshop "Data Collection for Social Surveys using Multiple Modes" (DCSS)

Planned Content/Topics/Focus:

  • It is the purpose of the workshop to present the final results of the ESSnet project and to discuss these with all experts of the ESS, national and abroad. Additionally, other National Statistical Institutes (NSIs), which also started projects on web and mixed-mode data collection, are invited to present their research findings.

  • Topic: The ESSnet DCSS investigated the advantages/disadvantages of using multiple data collection modes, in particular web data collection, in the case of the Labour Force Survey. Five partners (NSIs from the Netherlands, Finland, United Kingdom, Norway and Germany) participated in the ESSnet.

  • The meeting language will be English.

  • Final Agenda with time schedule, available abstracts and presentations.

  • Download of the final Agenda as pdf-file.

Begin: 4 September 2014, End: 5 September 2014
Venue: Wiesbaden

Responsible for the content:
Karen Blanke
Telefon: +49 611 75 2904

Responsible for the organization:
Marco Schwickerath
Telefon: +49 611 75 3889

For registration:

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