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34th IARIW General Conference: Call for papers

This photo shows Dresden

The 34th General Conference of the International Association for Research in Income and Wealth (IARIW) is going to be held in Dresden from 21 to 27 August 2016. The German Federal Statistical Office will be hosting the conference.

The International Association for Research in Income and Wealth (IARIW) is a worldwide recognized scientific organization for producers, users and researchers in the field of national accounts as well as economic and social statistics. The focus of interest is on conceptual developments, research findings and perspectives of practical implementation. International comparisons of income, economic well-being and poverty measurement as well as the analysis of economic and social data for the purpose of national policy evaluation are core aspects.

An explicit aim of IARIW is to foster and to sustain the exchange of best practice and experience between national accountants, academics and representatives of government administration at the national and international level. This is pursued by means of IARIW General Conferences every 2 years.

IARIW will be responsible for the conference programme. All statisticians are invited to participate with proposals for conference papers.

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