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18th/19th century

First attempts to set up a permanent system of official statistics are made in Germany as early as in the 18th century in the form of collections of material for "descriptions of the life of the state and the people".´

In the 19th century, the first German states establish “statistical bureaus” or “central statistical agencies”, which later evolve into the statistical offices of the Länder.

  • Prussia (1805)
  • Bavaria (1808)
  • Württemberg (1820)


  • The Deutscher Zollverein (Federation of German states for customs and trade purposes) develops cross-state statistics (foreign trade, population censuses).


  • The "Imperial Statistical Office" is set up in the newly founded German Reich. It is subordinated to the Reich Ministry of the Interior and, in its capacity as central statistical agency, assumes responsibility also for the statistics of the Zollverein. Apart from that, the Office coordinates and harmonises many state statistics.

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