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20th century
From 1945

The occupying powers establish statistical offices in their respective occupation zones, partly by falling back on the still existing Land statistical offices.

  • German Central Board for Statistics in the Soviet Occupation Zone (Central Statistical Office) in Berlin-East
  • Statistical Office of the British Occupation Zone in Hamburg
  • The Land statistical offices of Bavaria (Munich) and Württemberg (Stuttgart) and Baden (Karlsruhe) continue to exist. A new Land statistical office for Hesse is established in Wiesbaden.
  • Statistical Office of the French Occupation Zone in Baden-Baden


Based on the law of the Economic Council of 21 January 1948, the British and American statistical offices are merged into the "Statistical Office of the United Economic Territory". The new statistical office of the Anglo-American bizone is located in Wiesbaden.

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The Federal Statistical Office 2017
Total staff (1.7.)


of whom in
Share of employees68%
Share of public officials30%
Share of apprentices2%
Proportion of women in total staff58%
Proportion of women in executive positions38%

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