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With the unification of Germany on 3 October 1990, the statistical laws of the Federal Republic also enter into force in the new Länder and Berlin-East.


All statistics in the new Länder and Berlin-East are produced according to the concepts and methods of federal statistics. Some staff members of the Statistical Office of the former GDR are assigned to the Federal Statistical Office to produce federal statistics. In accordance with the unification treaty, all other employees are transferred to the “Common Statistical Office of the New Länder" (GeStAL). This office is in charge of the Länder’s statistical tasks until fully operational offices are (re-)established in the new Länder.


As part of the relocation of the Federal Government from Bonn to Berlin, the Federal Statistical Office takes over about 500 employees from federal administration authorities and sets up a branch office in Bonn. Specialist staff from Wiesbaden, Berlin and from a subsidiary office in Düsseldorf, which is shut down in the process, are also moved to the Bonn Branch Office. The Branch Office assumes responsibility for part of the foreign trade statistics and for, among other things, household, social and environment statistics.

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The Federal Statistical Office 2018
Total staff (2.7.)2,310
of whom in
Share of employees68%
Share of public officials30%
Share of apprentices2%
Proportion of women in total staff58%
Proportion of women in executive positions37%

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