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Therefore, the information offered here is not updated regularly. See our GENESIS-Online database for current data.

2020 Communication Strategy

In a future-oriented and knowledge-based society, plans are made, decisions are taken and the decisions' success is evaluated on the basis of facts. As the leading provider of high-quality statistical information about Germany, the Federal Statistical Office plays an important role and aims to further increase its profile and visibility.

The title "official" is a unique feature of our data, which comply with the principles of the European Statistics Code of Practice.

1. Strengthening the brand of "official statistics"

We strive to further raise the profile of official statistics. To reinforce trust in official statistics, we emphasise our quality standard and quality management. In particular the quality of our data and our independence are recognised by users.

We promote the re-use of official data by third parties in accordance with the principles of the Open-Data-Charta. The reference to "Statistisches Bundesamt" serves both as a brand name and as a seal of quality.

2. Easier access

We continuously improve the accessibility of the information we offer. Our central statistical information system (GENESIS-Online) is user-friendly and presents the results of official statistics at federal and regional level. Our data are made available through readily accessible interfaces (open data). The digital information we offer is presented in a media-friendly format to support a variety of devices and can be easily accessed by popular search engines. We offer our information on platforms used by the target groups of our users.

3. Meeting the needs of target groups

We provide high-quality data on social, economic and ecological issues to our target users and promote their understanding of statistics.

In addition to the general public, our target users comprise policy-makers and administration, the media, businesses and associations, the scientific and research communities as well as students and respondents. We analyse their diverse information needs. Modem market observation and monitoring instruments are employed for the analysis.

We use a range of different communication channels to reach our target users, and we adjust the information and services we offer to their changing requirements. Competent staff are available to answer questions and provide advice.

4. Broadening the dialogue

We use forums and social media to communicate with our target users. The users' needs and ideas are taken into account in refining the range of information and services we offer.

5. Improving comprehensibility

Our information is provided in clear and comprehensible language and we use innovative forms of visualisation. In addition, we offer comprehensive information about the statistical methods and techniques applied.


2020 Communication Strategy (.pdf)

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