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Therefore, the information offered here is not updated regularly. See our GENESIS-Online database for current data.

Our Vision

The Federal Statistical Office is the leading provider of high-quality statistical information on Germany.

We provide the statistical information required for the development of informed opinions and decision making processes in a democratic society while ensuring the neutrality, objectivity and scientific independence of our work and data confidentiality regarding the micro data placed at our disposal.

Our efficiency is based on the innovative power, competence and customer focus of our staff.



We meet the needs of our users and prepare our products in such a way that they fulfil the quality criteria of relevance, accuracy and reliability, timeliness and punctuality, coherence and comparability, accessibility and clarity. Our commitment to high quality standards includes the further development of our product portfolio with a view to changed information needs of policy-makers, the business world and the public in general.

Strategic goal
Q1We use survey data to produce our statistics but also have access to all administrative registers and new digital data sources (e.g. scanner and mobile communications data), which we combine efficiently.
Q2Taking user needs into account, we improve the timeliness of our statistics.
Q3We meet new data requirements in a timely manner.
Q4The accuracy of the statistics is geared to the purpose they serve.



We develop, produce and disseminate our statistics respecting scientific and professional independence and in an objective and transparent manner. We strengthen the brand of "official statistics" and guarantee statistical confidentiality and data security. We treat all users equitably.

Strategic goal
R1"Official Statistics" is a recognized brand. Society uses our knowledge and has trust in our data. Our results are used for argumentation by policy-makers, the business world, the scientific community and society.
R2The confidence placed in official statistics is fully justified. Statistical confidentiality and data protection are ensured.
R3All the data we offer are easily accessible and available in a comprehensible format.

and processes

Structures and processes

We use future-proof and sustainable processes on the basis of a reliable business architecture. We guarantee a stable and agile organisation which uses its resources cost-effectively. Through the continuous further development of methods and procedures we achieve innovative results.

Strategic goal
S1As an efficient and agile organisation, we create more room for manoeuvre by making the best use of existing skills, supporting internal cooperation and by promoting innovation and the use of new methods and procedures.
S2Production and administrative processes are digitised and standardised as well as legally compliant, safe and verifiable.
S3Our standardised technological landscape makes it possible to act efficiently and ensures easy handling.
S4Our infrastructure is available as a basis for the further development of administrative services.



We co-operate with national and international partners to improve jointly the range of information and services offered. Respondents are indispensable partners to us whose interests we take into account.

Strategic goal
P1The Federal Statistical Office is contacted first by the Federal Government whenever additional data are required or problems arise with the interpretation of official data. We provide comprehensive and qualified advice to the federal ministries.
P2We play a part in shaping The methods and procedures applied are developed further in close cooperation with the scientific community and other partners.
P3Together with our partners we shape the international statistical system – in particular the European Statistical System.
P4The burden on respondents has been reduced to what is absolutely necessary.



We are an attractive employer and promote the creativity, competence and customer focus of all staff members. This serves to strengthen our capacity.

Strategic goal
E1We are regarded as an attractive employer by qualified professionals.
E2Staff competence meets the requirements of an agile organisation with scientific standards.
E3For new tasks there also are sufficient employees with the required qualifications.
E4There are attractive work opportunities for the staff.
E5Our goals are pursued by all employees. The objectives of our departments and divisions are geared to these goals.

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