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The Federal Statistical Office is the leading provider of high-quality statistical information on Germany.

We provide the statistical information required for the development of informed opinions and decision making processes in a democratic society while ensuring the neutrality, objectivity and scientific independence of our work and data confidentiality regarding the micro data placed at our disposal.

Our efficiency is based on the innovative power, competence and customer focus of our staff.



Digitale agenda

The Federal Statistical Office uses digital technology for the automated processing, integration and analysis of quality-assured data from respondents, registers and other external sources. Destatis provides quick and easy access to the data in user-friendly formats. The digital agenda is the strategic framework for the Federal Statistical Office's digital transformation.


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2020 Communication Strategy

In a future-oriented and knowledge-based society, plans are made, decisions are taken and the decisions' success is evaluated on the basis of facts. As the leading provider of high-quality statistical information about Germany, the Federal Statistical Office plays an important role and aims to further increase its profile and visibility.

The title "official" is a unique feature of our data, which comply with the principles of the European Statistics Code of Practice.



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