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Our goals

Our Vision:

The Federal Statistical Office is the leading provider of high-quality statistical information on Germany.

Our self-image:

We provide the statistical information required for the development of an informed opinion and the decision making processes in a democratic society while ensuring neutrality, objectivity and scientific independence of our work and data confidentiality regarding the micro data placed at our disposal.

Our efficiency is based on the innovative power, competence and customer focus of our staff.


We meet the needs of our users and prepare our products in such a way that they fulfil the quality criteria of relevance, accuracy and reliability, timeliness and punctuality, coherence and comparability, accessibility and clarity. Our commitment to high quality standards includes the further development of our product portfolio with a view to changed information needs of policy-makers, the business world and the public in general.

Strategic goal
Q1We identify new data requirements in good time and ensure the attractiveness of our product portfolio.
Q2We ensure the high validity of our data during the entire data creation process.
Q3We create coherence in our results and between the methods, concepts and definitions applied.
Q4We improve the accessibility and comprehensibility of our information.
Q5We exploit additional data sources to improve the products we offer.
Q6We improve the timeliness of our results.


We develop, produce and disseminate our statistics respecting scientific and professional independence and in an objective and transparent manner. We strengthen the brand of "official statistics" and guarantee statistical confidentiality and data security. We treat all users equitably.

Strategic goal
R1We work towards an improvement of the conditions set for federal statistics.
R2We increase the market presence of the "official statistics" brand.
R3We ensure statistical confidentiality and data protection.
R4We continue to strengthen our position as a central, independent contact for policy-makers.

Structures and processes

We use future-proof and sustainable processes on the basis of a reliable business architecture. We guarantee a stable and agile organisation which uses its resources cost-effectively. Through the continuous further development of methods and procedures we achieve innovative results.

Strategic goal
S1We work towards an improvement of the framework conditions for the Federal Statistical Office.
S2We create room for manoeuvre by modifying our methods, procedures and structures and by including alternative data sources.
S3We optimize our processes on the basis of standards and make them more binding.
S4We digitize our administrative procedures.
S5We guarantee the security of our processes, systems and data by safeguards and protective measures relating to infrastructure, organisation and staff.
S6We ensure the cost-effective completion of our professional tasks on a high quality level by using efficient IT services.


We co-operate with national and international partners to improve jointly the range of information and services offered. Respondents are indispensable partners to us whose interests we take into account.

Strategic goal
P1We participate in political, social and scientific dialogue on the basis of our specialist competence, impartiality and objectivity.
P2We play a part in shaping the international statistical system - in particular the European Statistical System.
P3We see to the uniform implementation of European requirements in our function as a national co-ordinator.
P4We are aware of the burden placed on respondents and reduce that workload.
P5We increase respondents‘ willingness to participate.
P6We co-operate with further potential partners from the government, the business world and the scientific community.


We are an attractive employer and promote the creativity, competence and customer focus of all staff members. This serves to strengthen our capacity.

Strategic goal
E1We provide attractive workplaces for our employees.
E2We shape development and change processes jointly.
E3We actively improve our competence.
E4We actively recruit high-achieving and committed personnel.

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