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Measuring administrative costs with the Standard Cost Model

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Our objective

A major component of the Federal Government's programme "Reduction of Bureaucracy and Better Regulation" is the measurement of administrative costs in Germany – the Federal Statistical Office is responsible for measuring the cost involved and providing advice to other government authorities.

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The approach

The Standard Cost Model provides the methodological basis to determine administrative burdens. The expenditure incurred by legally induced data requirements is indicated in euro, so that the results obtained can be evaluated and compared.

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Current results on administrative burdens placed on German businesses and on the progress made in reducing them have been published in the interim report of the Federal Government and in the web database of all information obligations.

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Contact persons

The staff of the SCM unit will be pleased to help you whenever you have a question on the measurement of administrative burdens.

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Other information

Detailed information on the programme and on all authorities involved is available on the websites of the Federal Government. An overview of the developments in Europe is given on the internet website of the international Standard Cost Model Network.

Additional Information

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