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International statistics

United Nations: UNdata

Spatial coverage: Worldwide. Data can be accessed by theme or by country.

Statistical range: The UN provides statistics on a very large range of topics. Key subjects include population, education, demography, refugees, asylum, health (AIDS), as well as economic topics such as National Accounts, external trade, labour market and agriculture. Other important themes include environment and energy. The most important organisations, which provide data for UNdata are UNESCO, ILO, WHO, ITU, UNIDO, UNHCR, UNWTO, FAO and UNDP.

Periodicity / time series: UNdata mainly features annual data.

Charges / registration: These database is free of charge and a registration or subscription is not required.

Further information: UNdata includes more than 60 million data entries from all subsidiaries and specialised agencies of the UN. The main advantage of this data platform is the wide range of statistics that are available. It is a good starting point when searching for data and gives users an overview of the total UN data output. In some cases, the more specific databases of the specialised UN organisations are more user friendly than this database.

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