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International statistics

United Nations: Monthly Bulletin of Statistics (MBS)

Spatial coverage: The data is available on a national level for almost every country in the world. Regional data is not included in this database.

Statistical range: Focal points of this database are topics like production, construction, manufacturing industry, foreign trade, labour, traffic, energy and finance. About 50 tables will be available in that database.

Periodicity / time series: Annual data is available since 1997. Quarterly and monthly data is available for the last years. The availability for quarterly and monthly data is very seldom for databases, which cover a wide range of countries. You will also find data for retrograde time series as electronic publications in the archive.

Charges / registration: The database is entirely free and online accessible. There is no registration.

Further information: A voluminous list with definitions is given in the meta data. Publications with older time series can be requested in the archive for free.

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Monthly Bulletin of Statistics (MBS) Online

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