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International statistics

UNAIDS, the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, database AIDSinfo

Spatial coverage: Data is available for all countries worldwide and for selected subregions within countries.

Statistical range: AIDSinfo is a data visualization and dissemination tool which facilitates the use of AIDS-related data. AIDSinfo provides HIV data from a range of sources including UNAIDS, UNICEF, WHO, and Measure DHS. The data provided by UNAIDS include expenditure on AIDS, epidemiological estimates as well as information on policies, strategies and laws.

Periodicity / time series: All indicators are available annually and as time series. Some time series are incomplete.

Charges / registration: The entire database is available free of charge and does not require registration.

Further information: The database provides a large amount of international comparable statistics. Using the visualization tool charts, maps and tables can be created for presentations and analysis.

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