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International statistics

United Nations Population Division (UNPOP) Population Statistics

Spatial coverage: The databases consist of data on all countries worldwide and include data on certain geopraphical aggregates such as continents or groups of nations (e. g. least developed countries).

Statistical range: In the World Population Prospects, Rev. 2010 data is provided on topics such as population by age and gender, median age, migration, birth rates, infant mortality, life expectancy, population development and fertility.

The World Urbanization Prospects database contains data on big and capital cities, urban and rural population.

There are other databases on migration, marriage, fertility, contraceptive use.

Periodicity / time series: All statistics are available as time series from 1950 onwards in 5-year steps. Data on population by sex is presented annually. The statistical series include projections up until the year 2100, for cities until 2050.

Charges / registration: The databases are accessible online and free of charge. Registration is not required.

Further information: All data in the World Population Prospects is provided for different prediction scenarios (low, medium, high and constant fertility variant) and can be downloaded in CSV format, there are also Excel tables, graphs, maps and life tables.

Information on methodology and related sources is also available online.

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UNPOP Population Statistics

World Population Prospects

World Urbanization Prospects

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