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International statistics

Bureau of Labor Statistics: International Labor Comparisons (ILC)

Spatial coverage: International Labor Comparisons (ILC) program covers selected countries. Statistics are available for virtually all Western European countries as well as some Eastern European countries (Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia), plus countries in South America (Argentina, Brazil), Asia (Israel, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan), Oceania (Australia, New Zealand), and North America (United States, Canada, Mexico).

Statistical range: Data is available at the sector level for topics such as wages and compen­sation costs, unem­ployment, employment, productivity, and unit labour costs. Data is also available for GDP and consumer prices.

Periodicity / time series: Data is mostly available with an annual periodicity. The employment, unem­ployment, and prices series are available on a monthly and quarterly basis as well. Time series data are available for varying time periods, with the longest series beginning in 1950.

Charges / registration: The database International Labor Comparisons (ILC) is free of charge and there is no need to register.

Further information: The ILC website offers the contact details of the persons responsible for each of the international data compilations should any questions arise regarding definitions or methodology. Articles published by ILC--International Labor Comparisons covering hourly compensation costs in China and India can be found on the website as well.

The BLS has decided to discontinue the compilation and publication of international labour comparisons (ILC) data as of 2013.

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International Labor Comparisons (ILC), BLS

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