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International statistics

International statistics in brief

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This section provides data for more than 180 states all over the world and also offers a link to the respective national statistical offices.

More detailed statistical data is available for all G20 states.

Few children in industrialised nations

In Germany, only 13.1% of the population were aged under 15 years in 2013. In a worldwide comparison, children and juveniles had a similarly small share in the population only in Japan, where the rate was also 13.1%, according to the World Bank. The process of demographic ageing can now be observed not only in nearly all European countries, but also in other large industrialised nations such as the Russian Federation or Canada.

The youngest population worldwide was recorded in the African countries south of the Sahara. In Niger, one in two inhabitants (50%) were under 15 years old in 2013. This was true of 48% of the population in Chad, Angola and Uganda.

For detailed data on the population in Germany and Europe please go to our theme pages.



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