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International statistics

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IMF Data Mapper

This picture shows a view of the IMF Data Mapper

The IMF Data Mapper tool helps to visualize economic and social data for all countries worldwide. Data are presented as line, bar or pie charts and is also visualized using choropleth maps.
This tool requires Adobe Flash.

UNESCO Institute for Statistics Gallery

This picture shows a view of the UNESCO Insitute for Statistics Gallery

The UNESCO offers a number of specific visualisation tools that highlight particular education topics. One tool shows the global flows of tertiary students, another offers insight into global literacy rates.

OECD Data Lab

This picture shows a view of the OECD Data Lab

The OECD presents all their visualisation tools on one platform – the OECD Data Lab. This lab includes more than 30 applications that help to illustrate the data on all OECD member states. One of the most prominent tools is the Better Life Index.

UNHCR Historical Refugee Data

This picture shows a view of the UNHCR Historical Refugee Data

The UNHCR offers an interesting interactive visualization of historic migration flows on its website.

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