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Agriculture & forestry

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Agricultural holdings

In Germany there are almost 300,000 agricultural holdings. Still most of them are sole proprietorships, which means that farmers operate their businesses alone or together with their families.

The agricultural holdings section contains extensive information on the holdings themselves – for example their legal form and whether they are run as a primary or secondary activity, other gainful activities – and on whether holdings have converted to organic farming or operate renewable energy installations. You will also find data on labour, farm succession, ownership and tenancy as well as purchasing values of agricultural real estate.

Use our contact form to request data also on the following subjects: type of farming, grants received in support of rural development, calculation of profits and turnover taxation of holdings, vocational training of the managers of agricultural holdings.

94,100 farms rely on alternative sources of income

About one in three of the roughly 285,000 agricultural holdings in Germany created alternative sources of income in 2013. This is shown by the results of the agricultural structure survey 2013.

Typical alternative sources of income included holiday and leisure activities on the farm, the processing and direct marketing of agricultural products and the production of renewable energies.

Additional Information

Key figures

Agricultural holdings2016275,400
Organic farms201619,900
Utilised agricultural area201516.7 mn ha
Pigs201627.4 mn
Cattle201612.5 mn
Eggs produced2016 12 bn


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