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Domestic trade, accommodation and food service activities, tourism

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Wholesale trade

Wholesalers sell their goods mainly to commercial users such as retailers and industrial undertakings. Their customers may be both domestic and foreign.

The wholesalers trade trade section provides monthly data on turnover and persons employed (short-term economic data). You will also find information on long-term developments, for example, annual data on the number of enterprises or on remuneration (structural data).

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This photo shows hiking in the mountains (© / Grischa Georgiew)

One fifth of all travellers head for Bavaria

Bavaria continues to be the most popular vacation destination in Germany: 31 million guests registered with Bavarian accommodation establishments in 2012; that was one fifth (20%) of the tourist arrivals recorded in all of Germany. Approximately 77% of those who spent their vacation in Bavaria were from Germany, 23% came from abroad.

Accounting for nearly 20 million arrivals (13%), Nord­rhein-West­falen ranked second on the list of most popular travel destinations. Baden-Württem­berg was third with about 19 million (12%). The city-states of Berlin and Hamburg recorded the largest increase in arrivals of travellers (+10% each compared with 2011).

The total number of arrivals was 153 million and the average length of stay 2.7 days.


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Turnover in accommodation and food service activities in February 2014 in real terms: + 1.1 % to February 2013

Accommodation in internal tourism in February 2014: 1% more overnights

Retail turnover in February 2014: + 2.0 % in real terms on February 2013

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