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Means of transport and infrastructure

Transport infrastructure in Germany (1 000 Kilometre)
Transport infrastructure20132014201520162017

1 Source: Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Bau und Stadtentwicklung.

2 Data collection on the base of a five-years interval (next position: 31 December 2020).

... = Data will be available later.

Roads (other than local) on 1 January1230.5230.4230.1230.1230.0
Of whichOf which
Autobahn system (motorways) on 1 January12.912.912.913.013.0
Federal roads on 1 January39.639.438.938.338.1
Länder roads on 1 January86.286.286.386.887.0
District roads on 1 January91.891.992.091.991.9
Railway lines (own trackage) on 31 December237.937.938.5......
Waterways on 31 December7.
Crude oil pipelines on 31 December2.

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