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The transport sector plays a central role in a modern economy. Mobility of goods (raw materials, semi-manufactured and finished products) and people (e.g. apprentices, employees, travellers, consumers) is required in the first place for the division of labour to function and for value added to be created in all economic sectors. Statistical information on transport provides an important basis for entrepreneurial decisions and transport policies.

Official transport statistics are rather strictly geared to the “transport” activity (functional delimitation of respondents to be covered) and the conditions directly required for it. The surveys cover all important items of information, in particular, on transport performance (people and goods carried), on carriers, stocks of means of transport, transport infrastructure and traffic accidents. As a consequence, official transport statistics cover all enterprises that exercise some kind of transport activity, irrespective of whether the transport activity is an enterprise’s main, secondary or ancillary activity (e.g. transport on own account of enterprises of distributive trade).

In FOCUS / 2017-05-26

Especially high number of alcohol-related traffic accidents on 1 May and Father's Day

Father's Day was celebrated on 25 May - traditionally, on this day many men are on the move with friends. Those intending to enjoy the day while consuming alcohol, however, should leave their car at home. The number of alcohol-related traffic accidents is especially high on Father's Day. 254 alcohol-related accidents occurred on that day in 2015 - a higher number was recorded only on New Year's Day (264 accidents). On 1 May, 230 accidents occurred under the influence of alcohol. On average, the police recorded roughly 94 alcohol-related accidents a day in 2015.

Our traffic accidents calendar visualises the development of traffic accidents over the last ten years. The calendar charts show accident data on a daily basis, so that you can get an overview, for example, of the days when an especially large number of accidents occurred. You may also compare alcohol-related accidents with accidents involving personal injury over the whole year.


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Road network (roads of other than local trans­port)2016230,082 km
Railway lines (Length of lines operated)201437,775 km
Length of waterways20157,675 km
Stock of passenger cars
New registrations of passenger cars20153,206,000


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