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IN FOCUS / 2017-05-23

Especially high number of alcohol-related traffic accidents on 1 May and Father's Day

Father's Day is celebrated on 25 May - traditionally, on this day many men are on the move with friends. Those intending to enjoy the day while consuming alcohol, however, should leave their car at home. The number of alcohol-related traffic accidents is especially high on Father's Day. 254 alcohol-related accidents occurred on that day in 2015 - a higher number was recorded only on New Year's Day (264 accidents). On 1 May, 230 accidents occurred under the influence of alcohol. On average, the police recorded roughly 94 alcohol-related accidents a day in 2015.

Our traffic accidents calendar visualises the development of traffic accidents over the last ten years. The calendar charts show accident data on a daily basis, so that you can get an overview, for example, of the days when an especially large number of accidents occurred. You may also compare alcohol-related accidents with accidents involving personal injury over the whole year.

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