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IN FOCUS / 2017-08-07

Number of school beginners up by 2.4%

In the first Länder, school has started again after the summer holidays. By mid-September, hundreds of thousands of first graders will have had their first day at school.

According to provisional results, a total of approximately 722,000 children started school in Germany in the past school year of 2016/2017. Compared with a year earlier, the number of new school entrants increased by 2.4%. The largest increases were recorded in Saarland (+8.0%) and Brandenburg (+5.4%).

Compared with the previous school year, the last time the number of school beginners rose was in 2009/2010, when roughly 726,000 children started school. The highest number of new school entrants after the turn of the millennium was recorded in the school year of 2003/2004 (844,000 children), the lowest number was 688,000 in the school year of 2012/2013.

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Key figures

11.0 mn
Apprentices20161.3 mn
2.8 mn
Research expen­diture2015€ 88.8 bn
Education budget total2015€ 195.1 bn
Edu­cation expen­diture in GDP20156.4%
Recipients of training assis­tance2016822,933


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