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Foreign Trade

IN FOCUS / 2017-12-21

2.4 million Christmas trees and 5,629 tonnes of goose legs imported

In 2016, 2.4 million Christmas trees worth 24 million euros were imported into Germany. This was a decrease of 4.3% (106,000 trees) compared with the previous year. 92% of the Christmas trees imported into Germany in 2016 came from Denmark (2.2 million trees).

At the end of the year, the retail trade benefits from sales which are at their highest during that time. Christmas shopping (November and December) is most important for toy retailers. Its share of annual turnover was 27% in 2016, followed by that of booksellers (25%), consumer electronics retailers (24%) and retailers of jewellery, clocks and watches (24%).

It is a German tradition to serve roast goose in the Christmas season. However, most of it does not come from Germany. 5,629 tonnes of goose legs (2015: 5,010 tonnes) to the value of 34.7 million euros (2015: 27.8 million) were imported to Germany in 2016. The most important supplier countries were Poland with roughly 3,500 tonnes and Hungary with approximately 2,000 tonnes.

Another specialty of the Christmas season is German Lebkuchen (gingerbread). 73,310 tonnes of that Christmas pastry were produced in Germany in 2016. This is a decline of 9.1% (7,363 tonnes) from 2015. Most of the exported German Lebkuchen went to Austria (3,700 tonnes), Poland (2,700 tonnes) and the United Kingdom (1,600 tonnes) in 2016.

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Foreign trade 2017
Exports€ 1,279 bn
Imports€ 1,031 bn
Export surplus€ 248 bn
Export propensity39.0%
Import penetration rate34.0%

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