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IN FOCUS / 2017-07-03

Men and women are different: money spent on shoes and clothing

Some stereotypes miss reality by a hair's breadth, but not that of women and shoes: in 2015, women living alone on average bought shoes to the value of 168 euros (0.9% of their total consumption expenditure), while men who lived alone spent a mere 96 euros (0.5%) on footwear. The figures for all households in Germany are as follows: on average, every household paid approximately 252 euros for shoes, with women’s footwear accounting for 142 euros, that is twice the amount spent on men’s shoes (74 euros).

When it comes to buying clothes, there also is an obvious difference between the sexes: in 2015, women who lived alone spent 576 euros on their clothes (3.1% of their total consumption expenditure), that is 264 euros more than men living alone paid for menswear (312 euros or 1.7% of their consumption expenditure). The average figures for all households are similar: in 2015, households spent 540 euros on womenswear, which is twice as much as on menswear (276 euros).

For more information on the consumption expenditure of households please refer to our publication "Continuous household budget surveys - Income and expenditure of households, 2015" (only in German).

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