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IN FOCUS / 2013-08-27

Meat consumption in Germany 20 times higher than in India

Recent suggestion of introducing a so called "Veggie Day" caused a stir in Germany. Though how much meat is actually consumed in Germany?

According to the food and agriculture organization FAO meat consumption in Germany amounted to 88.1 kg per person in 2009. This was more than twice the world average (41.9 kg) and twenty times as high as the 4.4 kg consumed in India.

Besides India, Turkey and Indonesia were the only other G20 Member States where meat consumption was below world average. The FAO figures are based on the supply of meat available in each country. The actual total amount of meat included in an average person’s diet is in fact lower than the FAO figures (as for example bones and fat aren’t accounted for separately). Of the consumed meat in Germany more than half was pork (54.6 kg per capita/year). 17.3 kg of poultry were consumed making it the second most popular choice while beef came third with an average of 12.8 kg.

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