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Life situations survey: citizens and businesses are largely satisfied with the public authorities

People perceive bureaucracy in different ways. The contacts with public authorities is mainly assessed from the perspective of individual life situations and the resulting requests and duties. In addition to bureaucracy cost measurement, the Federal Statistical Office, commissioned by the Federal Government, performs regular life situation surveys, asking citizens and businesses to what extent they are satisfied with authorities and their services. This internationally established approach is used as the basis for improvements as part of the Federal Government Programme for Bureaucracy Reduction and Better Regulation. The results available from the 2017 survey for the first time enable a comparison of the results over time.


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The survey of 2017 shows that, as in 2015, citizens are largely satisfied with government services. On a scale of -2 (very dissatisfied) to +2 (very satisfied), the aggregate indicator scored 1.07. Among the 22 life situations examined, contacts with public authorities and the services provided in connection with the birth of a child, patient decrees and marriage or the registration of a same-sex partnership receive the best rating. Citizens are least satisfied regarding the life situations of "poverty in old age", "financial problems" and "vocational training".


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The businesses in Germany, as in 2015, are largely satisfied with the services of public authorities. On a scale of -2 (very dissatisfied) to +2 (very satisfied), the aggregate indicator scored 0.93 in 2017. Businesses and citizens differ just slightly in terms of satisfaction. As regards the ten life situations examined, businesses give highest ratings for contacts with public authorities and their services in connection with vocational training as well as health and safety at work. As in 2015, businesses are less satisfied regarding the life situations of "construction of an establishment" and "participation in tendering processes".


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Methodological notes on the life situations survey

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