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Bureaucracy cost index

The bureaucracy cost index shows the development of bureaucracy costs incurred by businesses in Germany. Bureaucracy costs as shown by the index are burdens to be borne by enterprises where legal regulations oblige them to collect, transmit or keep available data or other information. Examples are government-induced applications, reports or documentation and reporting obligations. Such obligations are referred to as information obligations according to section 2 subsection 2 of the Act on the Establishment of the National Regulatory Control Council. The bureaucracy costs and their development are stored in a database of the Federal Statistical Office.

The introduction of the bureaucracy cost index was adopted by the Federal Government in early 2012. Its basis is the bureaucracy costs incurred by businesses as at 1 January 2012. When the Federal Government initiates legal regulations which will reduce the bureaucracy costs for businesses, the bureaucracy cost index will decrease. When regulations are adopted which create new bureaucracy costs for the businesses, the index will rise.

Introducing the bureaucracy cost index is a component of the Federal Government programme "Reduction of Bureaucracy and Better Regulation". Through the programme, the bureaucracy costs incurred by businesses were markedly reduced from 2006 to the end of 2011. The reference day of 1 January 2012 was chosen as a basis for the bureaucracy cost index because the lower level of burdens achieved by the end of 2011 should be maintained in the future.

The bureaucracy cost index is updated in the internet two weeks following the end of the quarter.


Bureaucracy cost index

Bureaucracy cost index

Bureaucracy Cost Index
January 2012 = 100

1 = Revised time series values for the period August 2016 to December 2016 due to reassessment of the positive effects expected from the projects of the 3rd quarter of 2016.

. = Numerical value unknown.

... = Not to be disclosed.


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