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Therefore, the information offered here is not updated regularly. See our GENESIS-Online database for current data.

Price monitor

Status: Data from January 2019

Observe the price trends for frequently purchased products!

The price monitor shows the development of consumer prices for selected, frequently purchased goods and services. The graphs display by how many percent prices rose or fell in the reference month compared with the annual average of 2015. The price monitor is updated each month.

Example: A value of +29% in September 2018 for heating oil means that in September 2018 the prices of heating oil were an average 29% higher than the annual average of 2015.

The consumer price index for Germany measures the average price change for all goods and services purchased by households for consumption purposes. These include for example food, clothing and motor cars as well as rentals, cleaning services or repair. Following the domestic concept all expenditures spent in Germany are taken into consideration, for example besides the expenditures of single-person households, married couples, families or couples of pensioners also the expenditures of foreign tourists. The price change of the consumer price index on same month a year earlier or rather to the previous year is colloquially also called "inflation rate".

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The complete results of consumer price statistics can be retrieved in various file formats (.xls, .html and .csv) from the database system GENESIS-Online (only in German). Aggregated results showing the development of consumer prices can be downloaded free of charge from our publications section (only in German).
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