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EU SDG indicator set

To measure SDG achievement in an EU context, an EU SDG indicator set was developed under the leadership of Eurostat. The purpose of this set, which is structured along the 17 global SDGs--Sustainable development goals, is to monitor progress towards the SDGs at the European level. It is based on existing European Sustainable Development indicators like those of the Europe 2020 strategy, the previous EU Sustainable Development Strategy and the 10 Commission priorities.

The indicator set is limited to six indicators per SDG as not to exceed a total of 100 indicators. In order to measure progress towards the SDGs in an EU context, Eurostat aims to publish regular monitoring reports, with the present monitoring report on progress towards the SDGs in an EU context, published in November 2017, being the first edition.

The way towards an EU SDG indicator set

The Eurostat publication "Sustainable development in the European Union - A statistical glance from the viewpoint of the UN Sustainable Development Goals" provides a first statistical overview of the progress towards SDG achievement in the EU and its Member States. In total, 51 indicators are presented for the 17 global goals. These generally coincide with the global SDG indicators or are derived from the Europa 2020 strategy or the previous EU Sustainable Development Strategy. The Eurostat database provides time series of the selected indicators for all EU Member States.

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