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Sustainable development indicators

National sustainable development indicators

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Policy-makers have specified targets for the sustainable development of intergenerational equity, quality of life and social cohesion, and for maintaining international responsibility.

Environmental-economic accounting supports the National Sustainable Development Strategy of the Federal Government by analysing in greater detail the development of various environment-related indicators of the sustainability strategy, showing differences and indicating cross references to economic and social aspects. This refers in particular to the following indicators: energy and raw material productivity, greenhouse gas emissions, increase in the housing and transport area, intensity of passenger and goods transport, and air pollutants.

The indicator report contains detailed results and further analyses. Additional data series are included in the accompanying data compendium. The relevant time series and supplementary information are provided on the Sustainability theme page.

Sustainable Development Goals

The UN General Assembly adopted the resolution on a Post-2015 Development Agenda as a result of the UN Sustainability Summit in September 2015. The total of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim to substantially improve the living conditions of all people now and in future generations and to protect the planet Earth.

Recently the United Nations have published an initial overview of global results, now data are also available for Germany.

Eurostat Sustainable Development Indicators

An integral part of the European Communities' Sustainable Development Strategy is the monitoring of a large number of indicators to measure progress in relation to each specific challenge of sustainable development. In 2005, the Commission adopted a first set of indicators, which was extended in 2007 to adjust it to the renewed strategy. Apart from socio-economic development, the Sustainable Development Indicators (SDIs) measure demographic changes, climate change, natural resources and others.

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