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Earnings & labour costs

Collective bargaining coverage

Collective bargaining coverage of employees, by sex, agreed hours of work, performance group and enterprise size class1 2014
Specification Collective bargaining coverageNo collective bargaining coverage
Share of employees
covered by
collective bargaining agreement
Share of employees
not covered by
collective bargaining agreement
of which:
Works agreement No collective agreement
In percent

1 Excluding marginally employed persons and excluding apprentices.

Source: Structure of earnings survey, 2014

By sex
By agreed hours of work
Full-time employees4654252
Part-time employees4654549
By performance group
Managerial employees5743241
Senior specialists6238434
Semi-skilled workers3763359
Unskilled workers 5248246
By enterprise size class
Enterprises with 1 to 9 employees1189088
Enterprises with 10 to 49 employees2080278
Enterprises with 50 to 249 employees3367463
Enterprises with 250 to 499 employees4753548
Enterprises with 500 to 999 employees5347740
Enterprises with 1000 or more employees8218315

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