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Earnings & labour costs

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Detailed structure of labour costs in industry and the services sector in 2016

Labour cost survey 2016
Type of costsLabour costs per full-time unit1
1 Excluding apprentices.
Total gross labour costs57,998100,0
Compensation of employees57,62399.35
Gross wages and salaries44,60176.90
Gross wages and salaries (excluding apprentices)44,00775.88
Direct remuneration33,65058.02
Payments to employees saving schemes920.16
Payments for days not worked5,88910.15
Wages and salaries in kind5200.90
Gross wages and salaries of apprentices5941.02
Employers' social constributions13,02222.45
Employers' actual social constributions (excluding apprentices)9,04815.60
Statutory social security contributions7,54113.00
Contributions to company pension schemes1,5072.60
Employers' imputed social constributions (excluding apprentices)3,8056.56
Remuneration in the event of sickness1,9913.43
Old-age pension and health care provisions for public servants1,2722.19
Payments to employees leaving the enterprise3660.63
Other optional social constributions of the employer1760.30
Employer's social contributions for apprentices1690.29
Vocational education and training costs2540.44
Other expenditures940.16
Taxes on the sum of wages or on the number of employee270.05
Memorandum item
Wagegrants (wage and salary payments reimbursed to the employer)750.13
Non-wage costs13 39723.10

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