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IN FOCUS / 2017-01-02

Increase in minimum wage to 8.84 euros as of 1 January 2017

As of 1 January 2017, the statutory minimum wage in Germany has increased from 8.50 euros to 8.84 euros per hour. In this way, the Federal Cabinet has implemented the recommendation submitted by the Minimum Wage Commission in June. In April 2015, employees in a total of 1.9 million jobs were paid a minimum wage of 8.50 euros.

In addition to the statutory minimum wage, specific minimum wages are paid in individual sectors in Germany. In sectors covered by generally binding collective agreements, less than 8.84 euros per hour can still be paid until 31 December 2017. This transitional period applies to employees in agriculture, forestry and horticulture (8.60 euros) and in laundry services for commercial clients and the meat processing industry (8.75 euros).

Like the mandatory minimum wage, the specific minimum wages were however raised in many sectors at the beginning of the year. Wages increased, for instance, in the roofing trade, the electrical trade and in long-term care activities

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