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Minimum wages

Minimum wage: interactive map shows regions that are particularly affected

There has been a statutory minimum wage of 8.50 euros in the whole of Germany since 1 January 2015. This amounts to monthly earnings of 1,473 euros for full-time employment. The Kaitz index shows the ratio of the minimum wage to the average gross monthly earnings for full-time employees. If it were 100% for a specific region, all employees there would earn the minimum wage. The higher the Kaitz index, the stronger is the potential impact of the minimum wage on the region.

For Germany, the Kaitz index was roughly 43% in 2014, that is, before the minimum wage was introduced. It was highest in the labour market region of Perleberg in Brandenburg (74%) and lowest in the regions of Frankfurt/Main, Munich and Wolfsburg (34% each). The difference is due to the fact that the average gross monthly earnings in the three regions (4,300 euros) were more than twice those in Perleberg (2,000 euros).

Our interactive map (only in german) shows which labour market regions in Germany are potentially most, or least, affected by the minimum wage.

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