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The German business register is a regularly updated database of enterprises and local units with a taxable turnover from deliveries and output and employees subject to social insurance contributions. Evaluations of business register data on the number of enterprises and local units and their employees, who are subject to social insurance contributions, and their sales (turnover) reveal economic structures in Germany.

IN FOCUS / 2014-04-07

12% of turnover achieved by e-commerce

The importance of online sales by enterprises has continuously increased in Germany. The proportion of enterprises in Germany selling products or services through the internet or other computer-based networks has increased by 7 percentage points since 2008. In 2012, nearly every fifth enterprise (19%) distributed goods or services online.

However, the increase in online sales - when related to turnover figures - has been hardly noticeable. Compared with the total turnover of all enterprises in Germany, the proportion of e-commerce turnover was about 12% in 2012, which was an increase of only 1 percentage point on 2008 (11%).


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