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Enterprises, crafts

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In brief

Business register

The German business register is a regularly updated database of enterprises and local units with a taxable turnover from deliveries and output and employees subject to social insurance contributions. Evaluations of business register data on the number of enterprises and local units and their employees, who are subject to social insurance contributions, and their sales (turnover) reveal economic structures in Germany.


Crafts are defined through specific occupational activities, which can be performed only if specific requirements are met. The Crafts Code specifies those activities and the requirements that have to be fulfilled. The term Crafts refers either to occupational activities or to the enterprises engaged in these activities. The official statistics provide information on extent and growth of the crafts sector through structural and short term surveys.


Time and again, the term Mittelstand is used in the context of small and medium-sized enterprises. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play an important role as regards employment and are considered a major pillar of our economy. The relevant information has been compiled in a multi-sector economic analysis rather than a single survey. The analysis has been based on the data of several structural business statistics covering manufacturing, energy and water supply, trade, accommodation and food services, and components of other service branches (that is about 80% of all enterprises).

Foreign-controlled enterprises

The structure and activity of foreign-controlled enterprises in Germany are reflected in what are called Inward Foreign AffiliaTes Statistics (Inward FATS). The statistics are based on a regulation of the European Union which obliges all Member States to transmit annual data to the Statistical Office of the European Union. The goal of the statistics is to obtain information on enterprises under foreign control and their importance for the economy of the European Union as a whole. In addition, Inward FATS allow monitoring the impact of the world market on domestic enterprises that are integrated in the global economy.

Business notifications

A major characteristic of market economies is the creation and disappearance of enterprises. In this context, the statistics of business notifications provides information on business start-ups and closures.
With the first Business Response Burden Reduction Law, the statistical evaluation of business modifications has been abandoned since September 2006.


Insolvency statistics serve the purpose of collecting reliable and nationally comparable data on insolvency proceedings. They cover all insolvency proceedings opened, rejections of such proceedings for lack of assets and proceedings where, based on a court order, a plan for the settlement of debts was accepted. The statistics provide information on the insolvency situation in the Federal Republic of Germany and are important as a lagging cyclical indicator.

ICT use in enterprises

Effectively using information and communication technologies (ICT) nowadays is a major strategic factor for enterprises. Information technologies facilitate access to information, accelerate business processes and provide enterprises with new global acquisition and sales channels. Thus ICT penetration can give an important impetus to economic growth and employment, in particular, in countries with scarcer natural resources or economic regions like the European Union.




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