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Material and energy flows

The Material and energy flows section contains information on the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere, a summary of material accounts for the economy as a whole, and data on energy, raw materials, water/waste water and air emissions. The nature-related input factors included in the form of physical units in environmental-economic accounting are energy, raw materials, water/waste water, area and air emissions.

Environmental protection measures

The Environmental protection measures section contains information on environmental protection expenditure and environment-related tax revenue. Above all, environmental protection measures are to be understood as activities undertaken by policy-makers, business and society in response to harmful environmental changes. Environmental-economic accounting focuses on monetary information on environmental protection, that is, on the one hand, on environmental protection expenditure by government and business and, on the other, on the public sector's revenue from environment-related taxes.


The 2002 National Strategy for Sustainable Development of the Federal Government has made sustainability a fundamental principle of Germany’s policy.

To measure the effectiveness of the strategy, a set of sustainability indicators – including target values and years – was specified at the political level. At two-year intervals, the Federal Statistical Office has provided an Indicator Report. More data on sustainable development in Germany are available under Sustainability indicators.

Land use

Land use forms an essential basis for regional development and environmental policy decisions. A fundamental aspect is the sustainable use of land. An important indicator for this is the size of the housing and transport area.

Results regarding the use of Germany's area as a whole are available under Land use on the theme pages of Agriculture and forestry, fisheries.

Renewable energies

On the Energy theme pages, under Renewable energies, data are available on the proportion of gross electricity and primary energy consumption accounted for by renewable energy sources, on geothermal energy and on production and distribution by domestic biofuel producers.

Environmental-economic accounting

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