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Foreign Trade

Foreign trade

Imports and exports (special trade) by division of the national Product Classification for Production Statistics 20161
DivisionCommodity descriptionin million Euro
1 preliminary results.
GP09-01Products of agriculture and hunting9,78330,230
GP09-02Products of forestry398764
GP09-03Fish and products of fishing327805
GP09-05Coal and lignite1183,526
GP09-06Crude petroleum and natural gas4,98646,431
GP09-07Metal ores1255,492
GP09-08Other mining and quarrying products1,3441,446
GP09-10Food products50,86444,175
GP09-12Tabacco products3,9931,067
GP09-14Wearing apparel15,44531,634
GP09-15Leather and related products7,43613,403
GP09-16Wood and of products of wood and cork, except furniture; articles of straw and plaiting materials6,6656,307
GP09-17Paper and paper products19,17414,712
GP09-19Coke and refined petroleum products11,17617,064
GP09-20Chemicals and chemical products107,08873,560
GP09-21Basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations70,84349,294
GP09-22Rubber and plastic products43,09629,130
GP09-23Other non-metallic mineral products14,67710,625
GP09-24Basic metals48,03650,137
GP09-25Fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment41,12827,665
GP09-26Computer, electronic and optical products100,432103,226
GP09-27Electrical equipment76,11455,713
GP09-28Machinery and equipment n.e.c.170,16576,201
GP09-29Motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers228,243105,935
GP09-30Other transport equipment59,72135,336
GP09-89Other goods86,12691,152

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