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Foreign Trade

Foreign trade

Exports and imports (special trade) by division of the national Product Classification for Production Statistics 20171
DivisionCommodity descriptionin million Euro
1 preliminary results.
GP09-01Products of agriculture and hunting9,74931,280
GP09-02Products of forestry433761
GP09-03Fish and products of fishing285776
GP09-05Coal and lignite1245,202
GP09-06Crude petroleum and natural gas6,24956,169
GP09-07Metal ores1267,031
GP09-08Other mining and quarrying products1,3951,472
GP09-10Food products54,23246,642
GP09-12Tabacco products3,5431,196
GP09-14Wearing apparel18,36132,833
GP09-15Leather and related products8,92514,293
GP09-16Wood and of products of wood and cork, except furniture; articles of straw and plaiting materials7,1606,467
GP09-17Paper and paper products19,62915,053
GP09-19Coke and refined petroleum products12,46320,344
GP09-20Chemicals and chemical products115,00179,107
GP09-21Basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations76,00753,986
GP09-22Rubber and plastic products46,02530,706
GP09-23Other non-metallic mineral products15,48711,078
GP09-24Basic metals54,25058,968
GP09-25Fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment43,66429,373
GP09-26Computer, electronic and optical products111,081113,253
GP09-27Electrical equipment83,37360,560
GP09-28Machinery and equipment n.e.c.184,60681,329
GP09-29Motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers234,811115,434
GP09-30Other transport equipment58,11832,780
GP09-89Other goods83,62998,107

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