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Foreign Trade

Germany’s most important trading partners 2014

About 68% of exports of goods "made in Germany" were shipped to European countries. 58% of all goods were delivered to the member states of the European Union. The second important sales market for German goods in 2014 was Asia with a share of about 17%, followed by America, with a share of 12%. Africa and Australia / Oceania only accounted for small percentages of German exports (2% and 0.8%, respectively).

The majority of German imports also came from Europe (71%), followed by Asia (19%) and America (8%). Goods from Africa and Australia / Oceania played just a subordinate role in imports too (2% and 0.3%, respectively).

In 2014 the top country of destination for German exports was France followed by the United States and the United Kingdom. Germany exported goods worth 102.1 billion euro to France (9.0% of total German exports), 96.1 billion euro to the United States (8.5%) and 84.1 billion euro to the United Kingdom (7.4%).

Most of the goods imported to Germany originated from the Netherlands. The countries ranking second and third were the People's Republik of China and France. Germany imported goods worth 88.1 billion euro from the Netherlands (9.6% of total German imports), 79.3 billion euro from the People's Republik of China (8.7%) and 67.6 billion euro from France (7.4%).

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Foreign trade 2014
Exports€ 1,134 bn
Imports€ 917 bn
Export surplus€ 217 bn
Export propensity40.0%
Import penetration rate35.3%

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