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Persons in employment, by status in employment, distance, journey time, and means of transport used to get to work1 2016 in %
VariableTotalSelf-employedUnpaid family workersEmployees

Results of the microcensus 2016.

1 Answering the microcensus questions on commuter behaviour is voluntary. Excluding those who gave "no response".

/ = No figure due to limited reliability.

Less than 5 km27.932.233.927.5
5 to less than 10 km19.911.36.020.8
10 to less than 25 km27.511.45.429.3
25 to less than 50 km13.14.4/14.1
50 km or more4.52.1/4.7
Same grounds as home3.925.850.01.4
Changing places of work3.212.8/2.2
Less than 10 minutes22.238.863.720.8
10 to less than 30 minutes47.530.522.748.9
30 to less than 60 minutes22.110.6/23.1
60 minutes or more4.82.7/5.0
Changing places of work3.317.4/2.2
Means of transport
Underground, tram4.82.5/5.0
Train, commuter rail4.72.2/4.9
Passenger car67.768.145.767.7
Motorcycle, motor scooter, or the like0.80.4/0.9
On foot (no means of transport)
Other means of transport0.40.9/0.3

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