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Labour market

Employment statistics

Structural data on employees subject to social insurance contributions at the place of their employment on 30th September 20171
Aged from ...
to under ... years

1 The Federal Employment Agency has in January 2018 revised the employment statistics.
For more information please refer to: "Revisionsbericht der Beschäftigungsstatistik 2017" (only in German).

2 Including cases of "no information".

Source: Statistics of the Federal Institute for Employment - provisional result.

under 20975,672579,554396,118
20 to 252,489,6691,361,7831,127,886
25 to 303,603,4851,934,8591,668,626
30 to 353,718,7162,055,0061,663,710
35 to 403,583,8641,966,9721,616,892
40 to 453,276,7491,767,1161,509,633
45 to,504,130,5432,180,0231,950,520
50 to 554,635,2422,422,0382,213,204
55 to 603,858,0202,009,6161,848,404
60 to 652,159,7711,135,3981,024,373
65 and over300,021189,596110,425

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