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Employment statistics

Employees subject to social insurance contributions at their place of employment by Länder, apprentices, Germans and foreigners on 31th March 20181 - Female
Re­gio­nal break­downTotal2videlicet

1 The Federal Employment Agency has in January 2018 revised the employment statistics.
For more information please refer to: "Revisionsbericht der Beschäftigungsstatistik 2017" (only in German).

2 Including cases of "no information".
3 The sum of employees in the regions does not give the total number for Germany since in the moment of
evaluation individual company addresses cannot be allocated regionally.

Source: Statistics of the Federal Employment Agency - provisional result.

Baden-Würt­tem­berg 2,096,1501,118,797977,35398,3971,825,773269,799
Bayern 2,541,2731,326,9091,214,364106,2662,242,180298,387
Berlin 732,750412,185320,56520,965644,03887,749
Branden­burg 404,782209,074195,70810,958387,64017,034
Bremen 145,09773,23671,8616,628132,61712,424
Hamburg 451,659255,536196,12316,296404,86146,355
Hessen 1,169,203606,861562,34144,4151,020,094148,612
Mecklenburg-Vor­pom­mern 287,434155,190132,2448,692279,5927,810
Niedersach­sen 1,352,139654,326697,81363,6231,268,83082,956
Nordrhein-Westfa­len 3,090,6341,640,9571,449,677141,5442,824,027264,771
Rheinland-Pfalz 656,402323,968332,43430,425604,00152,179
Saarland 177,10892,29784,8118,121160,97416,085
Sachsen 779,810400,414379,39622,678756,83222,843
Sachsen-An­halt 392,095204,769187,32610,730384,3727,670
Schleswig-Hol­stein 467,329225,740241,58921,584444,12823,002
Thüringen 388,518211,704176,81410,504376,97211,505

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