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Employment statistics

Employees subject to social insurance contributions at their place of employment by Länder, apprentices, Germans and foreigners on 30th June 20181- Male
Re­gio­nal break­downTotal2videlicet

1 The Federal Employment Agency has in January 2018 revised the employment statistics.
For more information please refer to: "Revisionsbericht der Beschäftigungsstatistik 2017" (only in German).

2 Including cases of "no information".

3 The sum of employees in the regions does not give the total number for Germany since in the moment of
evaluation individual company addresses cannot be allocated regionally.

Source: Statistics of the Federal Employment Agency - provisional result.

Baden-Würt­tem­berg 2,570,4112,348,739221,672118,9722,101,424467,976
Bayern 3,045,1252,753,209291,916135,2372,533,750510,180
Berlin 740,142573,887166,25520,586614,252124,015
Branden­burg 441,430379,78461,64514,993405,53735,574
Bremen 185,400159,92825,4726,987162,49722,788
Hamburg 521,052445,67975,37317,237449,15471,191
Hessen 1,414,2101,241,720172,49050,1251,164,156249,119
Mecklenburg-Vor­pom­mern 282,893246,62936,26411,226267,28415,514
Niedersach­sen 1,604,0031,444,698159,30575,6471,433,181170,046
Nordrhein-West­falen 3,758,2313,340,833417,398166,7683,256,244498,392
Rheinland-Pfalz 755,692680,11675,57635,064654,019101,299
Saarland 212,430192,97819,4528,688181,35831,001
Sachsen 826,191722,339103,85229,786776,04149,959
Sachsen-An­halt 406,609357,42049,18915,286384,86621,650
Schleswig-Hol­stein 514,602449,46065,14226,508469,06045,215
Thüringen 417,156375,99941,15714,983389,80827,268

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