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Employment statistics

Employees subject to social insurance contributions at their place of employment by Länder, apprentices, Germans and foreigners on 31th March 20181- Male
Re­gio­nal break­downTotal2videlicet

1 The Federal Employment Agency has in January 2018 revised the employment statistics.
For more information please refer to: "Revisionsbericht der Beschäftigungsstatistik 2017" (only in German).

2 Including cases of "no information".

3 The sum of employees in the regions does not give the total number for Germany since in the moment of
evaluation individual company addresses cannot be allocated regionally.

Source: Statistics of the Federal Employment Agency - provisional result.

Baden-Würt­tem­berg 2,549,3982,333,146216,252122,7752,096,499451,909
Bayern 3,002,6392,718,637284,002141,5472,515,448486,059
Berlin 730,909569,386161,52322,652610,004119,123
Branden­burg 434,220374,68259,53716,503401,46332,449
Bremen 184,437159,39325,0448,211162,34321,985
Hamburg 517,675443,75373,92219,659448,24668,723
Hessen 1,404,0751,235,029169,04558,0211,162,465240,714
Mecklenburg-Vor­pom­mern 276,775242,53934,23612,038261,89514,794
Niedersach­sen 1,593,2681,437,501155,76786,7061,429,999162,518
Nordrhein-West­falen 3,733,8483,325,416408,432183,6843,249,192481,122
Rheinland-Pfalz 749,874676,32973,54540,394653,67395,835
Saarland 211,064192,00519,05910,073181,10129,888
Sachsen 815,967715,313100,65431,833769,64046,155
Sachsen-An­halt 402,264354,67547,58916,624382,16520,009
Schleswig-Hol­stein 508,292445,86662,42629,282465,59642,391
Thüringen 411,743371,66240,08116,487387,21924,456

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