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Employment statistics

Employees subject to social insurance contributions at their place of employment by Länder, apprentices, Germans and foreigners on 30th September 20171- Male
Re­gio­nal break­downTotal2videlicet

1 The Federal Employment Agency has in January 2018 revised the employment statistics.
For more information please refer to: "Revisionsbericht der Beschäftigungsstatistik 2017" (only in German).

2 Including cases of "no information".

3 The sum of employees in the regions does not give the total number for Germany since in the moment of
evaluation individual company addresses cannot be allocated regionally.

Source: Statistics of the Federal Employment Agency - provisional result.

Baden-Würt­tem­berg 2,550,2832,338,062212,221138,9902,107,792441,497
Bayern 3,016,2642,736,533279,731162,7012,538,019477,118
Berlin 726,104566,647159,45724,910610,616113,706
Branden­burg 438,716379,41659,29918,363407,58430,858
Bremen 185,696160,75524,9419,218164,28921,302
Hamburg 516,538443,71172,82721,743448,77267,060
Hessen 1,404,3151,238,555165,75765,8911,168,226235,186
Mecklenburg-Vor­pom­mern 283,229248,27434,95513,547268,55214,594
Niedersach­sen 1,604,9511,450,662154,28499,3731,445,961158,265
Nordrhein-West­falen 3,738,8313,340,670398,161208,8553,270,089465,272
Rheinland-Pfalz 757,007683,79373,21446,409661,40995,251
Saarland 212,933193,99418,93911,591183,23529,621
Sachsen 824,161725,11099,05135,990780,23343,770
Sachsen-An­halt 408,868361,29147,57718,988389,45819,318
Schleswig-Hol­stein 513,936451,91262,02433,189471,77941,864
Thüringen 419,075379,17339,90218,908395,31423,691

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