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Labour market

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Labour market

Participation in economic life plays a central part in our society, and with its functions of securing a livelihood, assigning the individual a position within the structure of the society, for economic growth and welfare it comes into the picture in many areas. There is as much diversity in official labour market statistics and their sources.

Get an overview of the German labour market by looking at the key figures.

In FOCUS / 2017-08-21

68% of the commuter in Germany use the car to get to work

Millions of people in Germany commute from home to work every day. The car is their main means of transport: in 2016, 68% of the commuter used a passenger car to travel to work. In 2000, this proportion was only slightly less at 67%.

Approximately 14% of the people in employment regularly used public means of transport to get to work. This percentage, too, increased by one percentage point compared with 2000.

The majority of people in employment (70%) needed less than 30 minutes to travel to work every day. 22% had a commute of between 30 and 60 minutes, while 5% of the commuter needed one hour or more to get to work. Due to changing places of work, 3% of the people in employment could not give precise information on their commuting time.

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