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Labour market

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Labour market

Participation in economic life plays a central part in our society, and with its functions of securing a livelihood, assigning the individual a position within the structure of the society, for economic growth and welfare it comes into the picture in many areas. There is as much diversity in official labour market statistics and their sources.

Get an overview of the German labour market by looking at the key figures.

In FOCUS / 2017-01-10

Part-time employment: one in seven part-time employees wishes to work more hours

In accordance with a new bill, employees in Germany shall in future be entitled to return to their usual hours of work after a phase of part-time work. To date employees have only been entitled to the right of part-time work without time limitation.

In 2015, 14% of the part-time employees aged 15 to 74 years wanted and were available to work more hours. In recent years, however, the proportion of these so-called underemployed people in the total of part-time employees has declined; it was still 19% in 2011. The number of men working part-time has been much smaller than that of women. However, the proportion of male part-timers who wanted to work more hours (19%) was larger than that of women (13%).

As opposed to the underemployed people, there were also people in (mainly full-time) employment who wanted to work less hours in 2015. On the whole, 3% of the full-time employees aged between 15 and 74 wanted to work less hours - with a corresponding reduction in their income.

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