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Labour market

Key figures

German labour market to Year 2007, 2012 and 2017


Data of the Federal Statistical Office


Unless otherwise stated, all figures are rounded annual average results (Last updated: February 2018).

1 All residents who are active in the labour market (unemployed and persons in employment).
2 According to the international ILO employment status concept.
Rate equal share of the labour force.
3 Persons in employment whose place of residence is in Germany.
4 Persons in employment whose place of work is in Germany.
5 Including unpaid family workers.
6 As at 30 June of each year.
7 Unemployed as a proportion of the total civilian labour force.

Labour force1, 2thousand43,73244,23045,822
Persons in employment (national concept)2, 3thousand40,25942,00644,189
Persons in employment (domestic concept)4thousand40,32542,06144,291
By industries4
Agriculture, forestry and fishingthousand667667617
Production industry (incl. construction)thousand10,15110,40610,663
Unemployment rate2%
Data of the Federal Employment Agency
Employees subject to social insurance contributions6thousand27,05029,28032,165
Persons exclusively in marginal employment6thousand5,0155,0324,802
Registered unemployedthousand3,7612,8972,533
Rate of registered unemployment7%
Reported job vacanciesthosand423478731

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Key figures


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